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Kill the lights!

I liked you better before you were naked on the internet

Kristyn To The Maxx
26 August
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  • bahama mama887
She has a pretty smile

that covers up the poison that she hides

half the battle is love
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cellular door is love
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Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 2501116
Date Created:03-13-2004
Number of Posts: 137

Kristyn, when playing this role is a semi-strange, complex, thoughtful female. She loves her friends and is willing to love anyone who will love her back. One a friend of hers, she is would take a bullet for you if necessary. She hates to disappoint people. The love of her life would have to be Robert Smith from The Cure, and would gladly marry him at any given opportunity. For fun, she jumps off roofs, pretends she’s Bert from The Used, and engages in crazy, spontaneous activities with the closest of her friends. She has many stories, and is always thinking but sometimes has nothing to say. She had a bad childhood and is trying to make up for it now by having as much fun as she can. One of her favorite things to do is meet new people and she hopes this trading card doesn’t sound like she’s applying for a dating service. One time she chased her shadow and almost caught it and another time she stole her friends’ friend’s dog. For the most part, she knows where her life is going, what she wants to do with it and won’t let anything get in the way of it, since she has worked hard to be where she is. She wishes you the best of luck with your life.
Strengths: Love, music, energy, sleep.
Weaknesses: Razors, time, girly bois, hugs
Special Skills: world champion at staring contests, the ability to cry at any given command, has a unique laugh like no other
Weapons: Vinyl disks, broken beer bottles, 8 inch rims, staplers. Never knives/guns.
Most known-for sayings: “son of a submariner!” “One day we’ll look back on this, laugh nervously, then change the subject” “In my pants!” “That’s sweet like lemonade.” “I love Robert Smith more than you so get over it.”

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I jumped off a roof, that was pretty fun.

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So if you think I'm a camera whore yet...oh yeahh you're right. If you think I'm a camera whore that should have her camera stolen...fuck you.